How to Spell Check Online

A spell checker is a feature in software and services that check the text you write for misspellings. This tool is often embedded in email clients, word processors, electronic dictionaries, and search engines. Depending on the software or service, a spell checker feature may also be available online. But what if you are unsure whether a particular word or phrase is spelled correctly? Read on to learn more about these features and how they work.

A spelling checker can be a very helpful tool when writing a paper, email, or even a letter. These tools often come with an underlined box that shows you the error. Clicking on the underlined word will identify the mistake and provide you with alternative spellings. In addition to highlighting the mistakes, some online spell check tools also offer a PDF conversion. These services are convenient, particularly if you write in a foreign language and don't have time to use a computer to perform the process yourself.

Another benefit of using a spell checker is that it can catch spelling errors in your writing and provide suggestions for correcting them. They can even convert images with text into editable text. However, there are limitations to using a spell checker. You should always use a dictionary of your native language for the most accurate results. However, the reports provided by the tool are similar to those generated by a dictionary. These tools are great for proofreading your written materials, and can also be a good investment.